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That text he sent to me by mistake screams that messing up with me bothers him. And how much can I really mean to him and can he really love me if he keeps doing what he knows hurts me So much. He is sending me all these confusing messages and I am afraid to bring it up again since we already had the talk. Right a reason to question the feelings he has for you.

He seems like a great guy, and the compliments are flowing but something is off. That might seem like semantics but I can see where a guy is coming from if he felt like it was commitment. Ask him if he's still looking for dates, or what he's doing. Dude acts like he's really into me, but he keeps logging on to his dang profile.

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Looking back, I think if someone is active on an online dating site, while he is dating you, he is probably a player. This infuriated me, and to my utter shame i called him out immediately. Easier access to women and men verses the old fashioned way of courting and meeting. And that he stays online because he is afraid of closing all doors and just be with me, the first woman. The goal is to find a guy who will both say and show that he cares for you.

  • He has plenty of female and male friends.
  • You have been lovely Brad!
  • Why only pick pretty girls to talk to to be his new friend?
  • He seems to be just perfect, everything I was ever looking for.

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Most faithful Guy I was it it really gets old having a partner spy at every corner. It was after telling him this that he asked me if I can go out with him on several days for the coming week. He gave me a key to his place also and told me to stop by whenever. We had been hanging out two weeks straight.

And lets just say that because i went out for a girls night instead of hangin with him, that he responded to this other woman. Obviously, I was so taken by him. We didn't discuss firm commitment but we both agreed before having sex, cyrano watch a different date that we like to date only one person at a time and only have sex whilst in a relationship. So it's not like he's checking out my profile.

His initial response was to accuse me of spying on him and showing a lack of trust for him. However, it was not from his real account. It seems to me that many people want to be open to long distance relationships but then when they get in one, they decided to keep their options open for something closer.

Dating a guy who still logs onto his online dating account

As I discussed above, I would recommend against being aggressive or angry. This really could be anything. When you do that it is very hard for a guy to take you seriously.

Now he stopped referring me as that, he says i am not bound to him nor is he and wants continue to see where this goes. So he then changed his password. He keeps pushing things back on me.

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After about a month, I hid my profile. Originally Posted by Jelly-Bean. Do you think he will change, or should I just move on and find someone else?

Guy I m dating is still active on dating site - Community Forums

If the man you are dating is serious about seeing where your relationship will lead, why would he care about his new matches? The online dating profile is tellng me that he is still keeping his options open just incase. We have yet to have a real exclusivity talk and have not talked about our dating profiles. Things have cooled lately since then, but I still care for him deeply and he clearly cares for me. Although my trust to him is kind of broken but I still want to trust him again.

He logs in several times a day. Is she just with me til she finds someone better? Different people have different ideas about what defines a relationship. What he did is not right and you did not deserve to be hurt like that.

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So that obviously was an excuse. You didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. You want to rearrange the world so he acts like you want him to act, but that doesn't work and you're compromising your own comfort or boundaries. So, we hung out the following weekend.

2. You Aren t The One For Him

The guy I m seeing is still using dating sites. What should I do
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Wrong I didn't want to do anything stupid when I should have known better, so last night I went to Match and found Mr. Recently I logged onto match because I have trust issues anyway and low and behold he was online now. We went through all their guided communication stuff and it just kept clicking, as did our in-person meeting. Shows me pictures and explains how he met them.

  1. Do guys still jerk off with no sex drive?
  2. You and I have only been dating a short time but the potential is there.
  3. The problem of having sex too soon is a prime example as to your situation.
  4. During that weekend we spent a lot of time walking around in the town where he lives, we had lunch and dinner in one of his favorite restaurants, and generally had a great time.
  5. Then I noticed that his profile was still active.

What To Do When The Guy You re Dating Is Still Online

We see each definitely once a week and sometimes more than that. You rarely see me do that. But his write up still says he wants dates.

Dating a guy who still logs onto his online dating account - GirlsAskGuys
How to Know if He Still Wants to Be With You

If you've got an explicitly exclusive relationship, then he's probably out of bounds rubbernecking as a possible exception. You decided to meet and on your first date things go great. Wives will claim that they appreciated being told, but more often than not you will be blamed for the affair while she reconciles with her husband. When I receive email notice about new matches, girl I just delete it. We have great intuition and a gut feeling about these things.

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