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Sometime around here Martin starts putting the Matin decal on the front of the peghead. Sitka spruce top darker than the and prior Adirondack spruce. The post-war tuners and the thick-button open Grovers after were ratio This makes post-war open back Grovers more easily identifible.

Ukes made after do not have serial numbers and must be dated by specification changes. Also the grain is much straighter and boring. Note the Indian rosewood's color is much lighter and not as rich as Brazilian rosewood. Tenor guitars were marketed as a way to get banjo players in the s to the s to convert to guitar.

All others Indian rosewood and not collectible. Koa peghead veneer with pearl-inlaid flowerpot. Pyramid bridge with straight saddle. The tuner gears were peaned to the shafts rather than screwed.

It also includes scalloped bracing, solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. This may be due to them being built in several Japanese factories at the same time with no coordination or tracking in the numbering system. With the correct neck set and bridge and saddle height, the guitar strings will drive the top of the guitar best, giving the best sound possible, and at the ideal playing action.

Thus the sound and tone will suffer. Martin and relaunched Sigma Guitars worldwide. Note the lack of tuner ferrels because of war-time metal shortages.

Martin Guitar Serial Numbers

C.F. Martin Guitars

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This gives the late to late Martin guitars improved bass response don't let anyone tell you that war-time Martins are not as good as pre Martins! Martin also made mandolins, which have eight strings. The model and serial numbers were usually stamped on in ink, but some are known to have been hand-penned. The tuner buttons had the familiar Grover clover shape. The brace was added to help prevent top cracks alongside the fingerboard.

Shenandoah Styles / Model Numbers

  • This repair involves removing the neck on the guitar, and refitting the neck at a slightly increased angle, which lowers the string action.
  • Prior to this they cost extra, and thus you'll see many different cases with Martins before this time.
  • Why did the Martin Company change from the lighter scalloped braces to heavier braces?
  • All Martin f-hole arch tops have the serial and model number on the inside center backstripe.
  • Ivoroid bound top and back with abalone trim.
Martin Guitar Serial Numbers

When was my Martin Guitar built

There is no difference between the dimensions of ivory and ebony bridges from the same period. Again, if a Martin guitar needs a neck set, don't try and solve the problem of high string action any other way! This particular model has nice Brazilian rosewood. No single-unit guitar tuners were available, russians so banjo pegs were a natural.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fancy backstripe, ebony fingerboard. Most Martins built after should be able to handle light gauge steel strings. These have the Wurlitzer name and model number on the back of the peghead. Private vintage guitar collector.

Finally, How does the Instrument Play? This three piece back was used on D's to allow Martin to use narrower rosewood that would otherwise go to waste. Indian rosewood is also very straight grained, without the figuring and waveyness of Brazilian rosewood. Soundhole inlay of nine alternating black and white rings, inbetween two single black rings. For the most part, no, unless you really know what you are looking for frankly I can't tell.

Serial Number Lookup

Earliest examples with boxwood bridge saddle and nut. Celluloid binding replaces ivory. And the DeArmond pickups don't amplify the acoustic properties of the guitar.

On Martin guitars, this is a really big deal. Older s Martins are a challange to date since they don't have a serial number like and later Martins. Other physical indicators or attributes, such as finish, trim, tuners, etc. This is a somewhat expensive and delicate repair.

The repair guy won't reset the neck to a low bridge, so a new replacement bridge will be installed. Grover G post-war version used on many smaller model Martins thru the s. Martin's other lines of instruments electrics, archtops, plentyoffish online dating mandolins is not nearly as desirable or collectible as their flat top models. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Martin Shenandoah Guitar History Build Dates Specifications

To check neck straightness on a guitar, first tune the guitar to pitch. Production quantities during some periods were as great as Martin guitars. Martin flat top guitars were made in various sizes. No binding used, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, semi-gloss finish, rectangle bridge used for all production.

Originality of an instrument is very important. This ruined the tone a flattop develops most of its tone from the vibrating top. They also had the riveted tuner gear. Unfortunately the popsicle brace can deaden the sound of the upper bout area of the soundboard, and the popsicle brace doesn't always prevent the top from cracking along the fingerboard either.

Dating Martin Guitars by Serial Number

What Year Was My Martin Guitar Built
  1. Occasionally and rare Brazilian rosewood shows on on random models in probably from leftover rosewood.
  2. Martin produced all guitar serial number sequentially.
  3. These guitars are thoroughly inspected and prepared by Martin craftsmen at our factory and carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Note some post Martins have some Brazilian rosewood, in the bridge, bridgeplate, fingerboard, or peghead veneer. Martin ukes are considered to be the best for craftsmenship and sound. Starting some time in the s Martin started switching from white glue to yellow aliphatic resin titebond. This makes identifying body size on October and later guitar very easy. Small graduated dots replaces slotted diamond inlays.

Serial Numbers Used To Date Martin Guitars

Ivory binding on top and back. They are distributed and sold in the U. They will check the top's firmness, bracing dimensions, dating royal worcester and bridge plate thickness. The result was Sigma Guitars. And even then you can only date to a period and not to an exact date.

The very first of these had pyramid bridges and no pickguard. Determine the Originality. Current documentation taken from the files at Martin indicate these models were produced by the Kasuga Gakki company as overload for the Tokai Gakki company. Rosewood back and sides, inlaid bridge pins, abalone inlay along the top, and sound hole only.

Grover base plate tips are squared off. This changed in with the blue thermoplastic case which was included with the sale of all new Martins. The wing thickness is about. Prior to this, guitars of the original to series have been documented. Zipper-pattern backstripe.

Lack of materials, manpower, and general social uncertainty during the war contributed to this. But it is a repair often needed on many vintage Martins. Sitka spruce was used in regular production thereafter. Acoustically, they sound nearly the same. Martin model numbers are straight forward too.

Single bound top and back, koa, mohagany, ash or walnut offered at different times. All sizes are collectible. Though some models have been seen after this number with scalloped braces, and before this number with tapered braces. First the lower line models were built for steel strings first.

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